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Attributed to Adriaen Isenbrant

Attributed to Adriaen Isenbrant

Haarlem or Antwerp, ca. 1485 – Bruges, 1551


Paradise with the Temptation of Eve with the Forbidden Fruits (Genesis 3:6)


Oil on panel

H. 21,5 cm. W. 5,5 cm.



Collection Wertheimer, Paris;

With Kunsthandel P. de Boer, Amsterdam, 1953;

Dutch Private collection since 1953, thence by inheritance



Rotterdamsche Kunstkring, Rotterdam, April 1953;

Singer Museum, Laren, Nederlandse primitieven uit Nederlands particulier bezit. 1 Juli – 10 September 1961, cat. nr. 48

Boon, K. G. (1961). Nederlandse primitieven uit Nederlands particulier bezit. Laren: Singer Museum, p. 14 



The present work in recorded at the RKD, The Hague, under nr. 45161, as attributed to Adriaen Isenbrant

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