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Hendrick van Steenwijck the Elder

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Hendrick van Steenwijck the Elder

Kampen, ca. 1550 – Frankfurt, 1603


An Interior of the a Gothic Cathedral


Oil on panel
H. 50 cm. W. 62 cm. 


Sale Vente Grassi, Paris, 6 June 1914, as lot 77 ;
Private collection, France


Howarth, J. (2009). The Steenwijck Family as Masters of Perspective. Turnhout, nr. I.39, with illustration 
Maillet, B.G. (2012). Intérieurs d'églises 1580-1720: la peinture architecturale dans les écoles du Nord. Wijnegem: Pandora , p. 377, nr. M-1195, with illustration

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