Workshop of Baldassare Ubriachi

North Italy, Florence or possibly Venice
Renaissance, ca. 1390 - 1410


Hexagonal ‘Embriachi’ Marriage- or Betrothal Casket, depicting scenes
from the Life of Par


Bone, horn, and wood with certosina inlay, with traces of polychrome
and gilding, on a carcase of wood
H. 32 cm. W. 34,5 cm.

Collection Jan Dirven Works of Art, 1986;
Private collection, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 


A comparable hexagonal casket, depicting scenes from the story of Pyramus and Thisbe,
made by the workshop of Baldassare Ubriachi and dated to about 1390 – 1410 is kept in
the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 5624:&2-1859. A second
rectangular casket by the same workshop and with comparable decoration and dated
to 1390 – 1400 can be found in the same collection, A.27-1952 .


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