Studio of Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt

Second quarter of the 17th Century, ca. 1630


A Portrait of Prince William of Orange


Oil on Panel

H. 30 cm. W. 24,5 cm.



Private collection, Spain  


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The collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam holds a group of portraits known was the ‘Leeuwarden-reeks’, since they originate form the Court of the House of Orange at Leeuwarden (reported there in 1633). These portraits, depicting military commanders from the Eighty Years’ War, are attributed to Van Mierevelt and his studio. This group also included a – now lost – portrait of Prince William of Orange, virtually identical – in both compositing and size – to the present painting (inv./ SK-A-516 / RKD nr. 172447). These studio pieces all follow a lost original by Van Mierevelt, possibly painted after Portrait of William of Oranje by Cornelis de Visscher (ca. 1520-1586), dating to ca. 1577 (aetatis 44), private collection, (RKD. nr. 146526) and can be dated to the second quarter of the 17th Century, ca. 1630.


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