Harmen van Steenwijck

Delft, ca. 1612 – Leiden, after, 1656


Still Life with a Stoneware Jug and Fruit on a partly-draped Table &
Still Life with a Ham, a Fish and a Bird, together with a Flute Glass and a Candle on a Table


Oil on panel
H. 18,6 cm. W. 20,5 cm.


European private collection


Catalogue note
Dr. Fred G. Meijer dated the pictures ca.1645

Harmen van Steenwijck was a Dutch Golden Age painter of mostly still lives. He painted still lives with fruit, fish, kitchen symbols, hunting paraphernalia and a couple of Vanitas still lives. He was the brother of Pieter van Steenwijck, a still life painter too. The brothers were taught by their uncle David Bailly. Harmen became member of the Guild of Saint Luke in Delft in 1636. He travelled with a Merchantman to Indonesia in 1654 and returned after a year. His presence in Delft is documented in 1656 for the last time.  

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