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North Netherlandish Master

North Netherlandish Master

Northen Netherlands, possibly Utrecht
Late Gothic, first half of the 16th Century, ca. 1530 

Maria Magdalena 

Walnut, carved in full-round, with largely the original polychrome
H. 86 cm.

Private collection, Belgium

Catalogue note
The facial features, clothing and fine quality of the carving of this sculpture can be compared to the works of the so-called ‘Master of the Utrecht Stone Head’, active in Utrecht in circa 1530, for example his Saint Ursula kept in the Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Reference literature 
Vlierden, M. van (2004). Hout en steenscultuur van Museum Catharijneconvent ca. 1200-1600. Zwolle: Waarders, pp. 188-189, with ill., pp. 192-193, with ill.;
Preising, D. & Rief (2012). Mittelalterliche Bildwerke aus Utrecht 1430-1530. Stuttgart, p. 286-287, cat. nr. 56, with ill.

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