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The Deposition of Christ

The Deposition of Christ

Brabant, Brussels

Late Gothic, ca. 1450


Walnut, carved in high relief, with traces of gesso and gilding

With the inventory number 'F11.8' verso

H. 51 cm.  W. 27,5 cm.  D. 16 cm.



Collection Dr. Wetzlar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, until March 1960;

With Kunstzalen A. Vecht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;

Where aquired by The Seattle Art Museum, April 21 1964,

Collection of The Seattle Art Museum, the Simeon and Fannie B. Leland Memorial Collection, Seattle, Washington, United States of America, inv.nr. F11.8



Dedication of New Sanctuary, 1965, Englewood Christian Church, Yakima, Washington, United States of America;

Masterworks in Wood: The Christian Tradition, 1975-1976, The Portland Art Museum, Oragon, United States of America



Richardson, E.P., Grigaut, P.L. & Wood, W.F. [ed.] (1964). The ART Quarterly. Detroit: Founders Society Detroit Institute of Arts, Vol. XXVII nr 3, p. 371, under 'Accessions of American and Canadian Museums, April - June 1964', as 'Flemish mid-15th Century', with ill. p. 380;

Fuller R.E. [ed.] (1967). Engagement Book. Seattle: The Seatlle Art Museum, with ill., as 'Flemish, mid-15th Century';

Newton, F. (1975). Masterworks in Wood: The Christian Tradition. Portland: The Portland Art Museum, cat.nr. 32, with ill., as 'FlemMaster, Brussels, mid-15th Century'

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