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A bronze Table Bell

A bronze Table Bell

Renaissance, middle of the 16th Century, ca. 1540/60

Depicting the Virgin and Christ, St. Michael, the Holy Face, a kneeling donor figure, St. George and St. Martin, under a lettered bands: ‘LOFT GOD VAN AL’. Marked with the Malines city coat of arms. The handle formed of three addorsed putti.
H. 11,8 cm.

Private collection

Lange, A. (1981). Europäische Tischglocken. Kornwestheim: Minner-Verlag, p. 98;
Kuile, O. ter (1986). Koper en Brons. Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum, pp. 236-237, nr. 327-329, with ill.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, the export trade of artisan and artistic pieces from the Netherlands reached a high development. Among these pieces were bells known as ‘bells from Mechelen’, the Flemish city from which they originated. Commonly religious images and texts or mythological themes are depicted on the bells.

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