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A pair of Baluster Pricket Candlesticks

A pair of Baluster Pricket Candlesticks

South Netherlandish, possibly Malines
Baroque, first quarter of the 17th Century, ca. 1600 – 1620


H. 27,8 cm. D. 11 cm. (diameter of the bare)


Collection of the Cistercian Sisters of the Bijloke Abbey, Ghent, Belgium, inv. nr. Cu. 11


This pair of brass pricket candlesticks were cast in three parts, turned and joined together. With three ball-shaped feet under the round base, characteristic baluster-shaped stem, circular drip pan and and ending in a lager pricket. The shape of there beautiful candlesticks is typical for the Baroque period and date to the first quarter of the 17th Century. They were most likely cast in the South Netherlandish city of Malines, known for its brass foundry during the 16th en 17th Centuries. These candlesticks come from the Bijloke Abbey in Ghent (Belgium) and are registered in the basabase of KIK-IRPA, Brussels, as object nr. 122548 (cliché M174585).

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