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A Renaissance Brass Candlestick 16th Century

A Renaissance Brass Candlestick 16th Century

South Netherlandish
Renaissance, last quarter of the 16th Century, ca. 1580


H. 20,8 cm. D. 10 cm. (diameter of the base)


Collection of the Cistercian Sisters of the Bijloke Abbey Ghent, Belgium, inv. nr. Cu. 15


This rare brass candlestick with a beautiful rich patina, known in Dutch as ‘schijf-’ or ‘kraagkandelaar’, was cast in three parts and turned. With its round base, baluster-shaped stem, typical circular drip pan and pierced profiled cylindrical candle holder, its marks the transition from the late Gothic ‘knot candlestick’ to the ‘disc candlestick’. Later this type would develop into the North Netherlandish ‘Heemskerk candlestick’. A comparable candlestick is depicted in an anonymous painting titled The Judde Memorial, dated ‘1560’, kept in the Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, (inv. nr. DPG354).

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