Attributed to Izaak van Oosten

Antwerp 1613 – Antwerp 1661

Four Pastoral Landscapes with Peasants, Hunters and Travellers

Oil on Panel
H. 6 cm. W. 13,5 cm.


Private collection, Germany

Egger, A. (1993). Tableaux de maitres flamands et hollandais des XVIe et XVIIe siècles. Paris, Nr. 31


Izaak van Oosten was a Flemish Baroque landscape and cabinet painter active in Antwerp. He was born in Antwerp as the son of an art dealer with the same name and it is believed he painted for his father’s workshop and therefore did not initially register with the Guild of Saint Luke. It wasn’t until he was already 39 years old, in 1652, that he became a master in the Antwerp Guild. Van Oosten specialized in landscape paintings and panels for Antwerp cabinets. His compositions appear to have been popular and incorporate all the elements of the Antwerp school of landscape painting of the first half of the 17th century. He was strongly influenced by other Antwerp landscape painters, in particular Jan Brueghel the Elder and contemporary Flemish painters such as Alexander Keirincx, Lucas van Uden and Jan Wildens. He was also influenced by the late work of Jan Brueghel the Younger to whom his work is sometimes erroneously ascribed.