South Netherlandish Master

First quarter of the 17th Century | Ca. 1620

Vertumnus wooing Pomona, An Allegory of Harvest or Plenty

Oil on panel
H. 41,5 cm. | W. 64,4 cm.


Private collection 


The present work seams to be based on an engraving by Crispijn de Passe (ca. 1564 – 1637), from his series of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, dating to 1602/7. As very similar work, know at the RKD, The Hague, The Netherlands, under no. 66761, is given to a follower of Jan Brueghel I or Jan Breughel II and the figures attributed to Frans Francken II and is dated to ca. 1620. The same composition also appears in a more elaborate work by Abraham Govaerts, signed and dated ‘A. GOVAERTS 1620’, in the collection of Galerie De Jonckheere. Dendrochronological analysis of the panel by Prof. Dr. Peter Klein, Universität Hamburg, indicates a date from 1618 upwards, underlining a date of ca. 1620.