The Monogramist DW

Northern Netherlands | Active in the second half of the 17th Century | Ca. 1640-1660

A pair of Coastal Scenes with Sailing Ships on choppy Waters 

Both signed with the monogram ‘DW‘ on the driftwood
Oil on panel
H. 20 cm.  | W. 30,5 cm.


Private collection | Europe 

REFERENCE LITERATURENagler, G.K. (1860). Die MonogrammistenMunich: Hirth, nr. 1464, as Denis Waterloo;Müllenmeister, K.J. (1973). Meer und Land im Licht des 17. Jahrhunderts. Vol. I, p. 12;
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CATALOGUE NOTEThe anonymous Monogamist DW was formally identified as Den(n)is or Dionysius Waterloo (Nagler, 1860, nr. 1464) an invented painters name that got attached to seascapes carrying a monogram which read as ‘DW. These works are comparable to Justus de Verwer and others in the Amsterdam School, but to date no Denis Waterloo has been identified (Kinkelder, 2006). The present pair of seascapes can be compared to Dutch ships in a breeze by the Monogamist DWcoll. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich London, inv./ BHC0737, both is dimension and subject.